Business Philosophies

Potential and revenue are not enough

For ongoing success, an organization must stay true to its core. Leo Golba works with companies and individuals to conceive and create this definition, and help them stake a solid claim in today’s business environment – from vision, to execution and sustainable daily operations. As a highly motivated steering committee liaison, Leo’s primary goal is to help assemble the right players, from advisors to staff, and ensure all are uniquely competent and focused on thoughtfully established goals.

An innovative philosophy with a timeless core

What makes Leo a valuable asset? Leo has achieved remarkable personal success over a lifetime of absorbing knowledge from some of the greatest minds who ever lived – and combining it with intentional thinking along new and more extraordinary lines. Through this finely honed discipline, Leo has proven again and again that inspired thinking, grounded in the findings of historical visionaries, invariably produces exceptional solutions to challenges and opportunities. Leo’s approach to business innovation opens the horizon for unique opportunities beckoning their rightful place on the world stage.

A new vision means deleting old ones

An associate once described Leo as “a contradiction to the predominant definition of what it takes to be successful.” Many who come to Leo do so looking for a fresh and positive perspective, because a new and different way of thinking is what Leo provokes. He has an innate ability to remove barriers to innovative thought, eliminate preconceived notions, and break down complexities so that new solutions and ideas can emerge.

A worthy foundation for sustainable success

Leo believes success is there for the taking, that any new idea, venture or product can possess unlimited potential. He also knows potential is fulfilled only to the extent that it is bolstered by the right supports – from strategy to people. While Leo demonstrates how to grasp and wield potential, starting with a unique vision and the courage to dream big, he also reveals how success requires a solid yet flexible strategy, and why it’s important to hire people who are smarter than the boss, and empower them to run the business.

In the company of visionaries

Anyone seeking great achievement acquires it almost exclusively by being surrounded by other visionaries. Out of these inspired liaisons come big ideas, along with the thought leadership, grounding and confidence to pursue them. Leo sees this team approach as vital to any initiative, where strengths and synergies naturally emerge to balance weaknesses, and form a solid foundation for optimal results.