From Sam Mastovich

President – MIBS Inc

“Leo is a contradiction to the predominant definition of what it takes to be successful. The ultimate team builder, he can strike up a conversation with the CEO and laborer, and get them talking to each other – a visionary who can see a project from start to finish, and whose calming influence eliminates the turmoil of a crisis, and whose problem solving ability determines the necessary steps, assets and people to resolve obstacles. While extremely successful in business, Leo has an uncanny ability to know when to be serious but understands the importance of enjoying life, always prioritizing faith, family and friendships ahead of business. Leo’s guidance has aided me personally and professionally and I am extremely fortunate to have had opportunities to interact with him as much as I have.”


From Professor Keith Alexander

Executive Director – University of California

“Working with Leo is a wonderful professional and personal experience. He is the ultimate problem solver and solution finder. His collaborative, creative and positive ‘glass half-full’ approach to life inspires the team working with him to take the ‘can do’ attitude so needed to surmount tough challenges on the road to success. It would be great to work with Leo again.”


From Tracy A. Rapp

Senior Electrical Engineer and Project Manager – CH2M HILL

I met Leo in a meeting where my firm was representing a client as their site selection consultant. Leo was part of a committee advising the local economic development authority. As the project moved forward, it became clear that Leo is a man of action, uniquely able to quickly establish a trusting relationship and build consensus among those with differing goals. I enjoyed his willingness to say what others were not willing to say because it was unpopular or they hoped to avoid addressing an uncomfortable issue. Leo has the ability to address issues in a way that is non-confrontational but matter-of-fact. As I got to know Leo better, I learned he is very entrepreneurial and willing to take calculated risks. He is graciously generous, understands that morality in business generates success, and finally, he knows how to enjoy life.


From William O’Brien

Vice President – Butler County Community College

A man of character!  Leo Golba has a long track record of putting a community’s well – being ahead of his own personal business interests.  Blessed to have the opportunity to work with Mr. Golba on expanding the presence of a community college in his hometown of Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, I quickly realized that his interest in the project was more for economic development through educational opportunities for the residents of his County, than it was for any business interest that he may have had.  I also found that a handshake and his word were acts that he valued and held himself accountable.  A man of tremendous foresight, Leo was able to guide us along the way in order to avoid future regrets.  Our success began with selecting Leo Golba as our developer.  It was he and the tremendous team that he surrounded himself with that gave us the opportunity to truly make a difference in his hometown.  We now refer to him as a friend of the college!


From Dan Vogler

County Commissioner – Lawrence County, Pennsylvania

For many years, Leo Golba was a leader in the Lawrence County, Pennsylvania community. His legacy remains as a result of his direct involvement in the development of numerous residential, commercial, professional and educational facilities. Leo earned the respect of many people in our county due to his commitment to his community, coupled with his always-positive attitude. He helped make our area a better place in which to live, learn and work.


From Steve Craig 

County Commissioner – Lawrence County, Pennsylvania

Leo Golba is a friend and business associate with uncanny abilities to see markets develop and capitalize on them. As a developer, Leo was always one step ahead of the competition with top-notch products in terrific locations. Leo is a magnet for like-minded people who want to work hard, innovate, and succeed. The development community is poorer in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, without Leo, but we wish him much success with his new endeavors in Florida.


From Thomas K. Ha

Partner/Co-Owner – Business Development at G&M Compliance, Inc

Leo is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met in my professional career. I have had the pleasure of cooperating with him on several ambitious projects, domestically and overseas, and come to respect him tremendously not only for his work ethics, wisdom, integrity and vision, but most importantly, his attitude towards life in general. A true strategist at heart, Leo thinks outside the box yet he is rooted in common sense and takes a grounded approach to problem solving. Leo has such a simple but powerful approach to business. He can take the most complex business challenge and break it down to simple solutions. He leads by example, inspires those around him and exhibits a positive aura that is hard to explain. What I admire most about Leo is he came from humble beginnings. He fought his way through life, made mistakes, learned from them and never gave up. He never forgets where he came from and his first impulse is to always give back to his community and the people who helped him along the way.


From Douglas Campbell

Co-Creator/Co-Founder at Chinwag, Inc

Vision – Leo, you have a unique ability to paint a picture and tell a story of a vision in very simple terms focusing on the value it creates and positive impact it will make for entrepreneur, business owner, investors, the team, and the community as a whole. You can take what may seem to be long-term complex issues influenced by a wide variety of variables and uncertainties – and boil it down into simple, understandable elements that brings comfort to everyone involved that the vision is achievable.

Understand People – you have an innate ability to size people up. A desire to understand how people work and what they’re talents are. Not only from the standpoint how their talents will benefit your goals/opportunities, but also how it help accelerate their personal and professional growth.

Action Oriented – you don’t like grass to grow around you. You are always open to looking for and considering new opportunities – both in entrepreneurship and in the community.


From Tom Joseph

Co-Founder and CTO – Epiphany Solar Water Systems

“It is my honor and my pleasure to recommend Leo Golba wholeheartedly and without reserve.  In the years I have known and worked with Leo, he has earned my respect and admiration as one of the finest businessmen and natural leaders I have every met.  As a business person, Leo’s past successes speak for themselves, but what his record can’t tell you is the quality of his personal character and his amazing leadership abilities.

Here’s just one example:  A few years ago, as I was complaining to Leo one evening about my own inability to find great employees for my business, he nonchalantly mentioned that he had never had to fire an employee.  When I asked him how that is possible, he explained to me that his primary job as the “boss” is to inspire his employees to become the best possible version of themselves.  A few days later, Leo kindly came to my office and gave me a one hour lecture on how, exactly, he helps people understand their own purpose within his business and how crucial they are to the bigger picture.  Since that one short session, I am proud to say that I now have a staff of people who are more engaged and committed to excellence than any I have seen anywhere.  This change is largely due to the advice the I received from Leo, which, to him, was just an explanation of what comes naturally to him.

My advice to anyone considering working with Leo is that every opportunity to talk with or work with him is a positive and eye opening experience that should not be missed.”


From Andrew Matta, DMD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer/ Founding Partner – North American Dental Group

Leo and I have only known one another for about 18 months. However, it seems like it has been many years. That is because of how easy, fun, and insightful it has been to get to know him. We met at his house when I inquired about purchasing it. The house was built and was a unique expression of him and his family’s personalities. As he states, it was built to be casually elegant, which is actually a great way to describe his personality as well. He has a way of not taking anything too seriously while still being able to be a professional.

Leo has become a sounding board and trusted advisor for me over the last year. I am the co-CEO of a dental management company, Refresh Dental Holdings, which owns and operates 35 dental practices generating approximately $50 million in revenue in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Our company is growing rapidly which has brought about a number of growing pains that our young company is working through. Leo’s entrepreneurial spirit and experience in growing a quality organization has given him a unique skill set that he brings to our conversations. He is an individual that I have been able to quickly trust without reservation. While his experience has been in founding and growing a real estate based organization, his mindset of thinking outside the box, demanding quality of his products, way in which he has grown people through strong leadership, and overall commitment to excellence is easily transferrable to any business. I have been able to take our conversations and not simply have actionable solutions to issues my company faces, but also mold a more comprehensive approach to challenge myself and grow as a leader.

Getting to know Leo has been energizing and uplifting. He has been a lifelong student of personal growth and authentic leadership. He reinvests in sharpening his own saw by reading and self-reflection on how he can improve himself and his organizations.  It is apparent in how he approaches life and the quality of the products he creates in the homes he has built and the developments he has formed. I look forward to a continued friendship and professional relationship with Leo.


From Antonio Masone 

President – Keystone Compliance

With a combination of 17 years working as an electrical engineer for Raytheon Aircraft, and lab manager for two of the largest compliance testing laboratories in the United States, I had all the technical knowledge and technical connections required to run the engineering operations of an EMC/EMI test laboratory. What I lacked was a solid partner with business experience. This is where Leo Golba excels. Leo had the business savvy, connections and development background to get our new business started. He came through with the build-out of a state-of-the-art facility, and provided countless hours educating me on what it takes to run a business, as well as the start-up capital and banking connections to get the company off the ground. Keystone Compliance has since been recognized by the Pittsburgh Business Times as one of the region’s 100 fastest growing companies two years in a row (ranking 16th overall); 3rd for the fastest growing technology company, 2nd for the highest employment growth percentage – and also, as one of the region’s best places to work.


From Rick Dale

Executive Director – Arizona State University – Emergency Management and Homeland Security

“I have found Leo Golba to be a man of integrity, driven – yet, selfless and an optimistic person that understands how to optimize circumstances for the benefit of all.  Leo possesses sterling personal qualities and skills that make those around him better.”


From Garrett Scharton
Project Manager – Centaur Gaming

Leo Golba is a consummate manager, extremely professional and possesses the creativity and entrepreneurial know-how to take a project from the back a napkin to ribbon cutting. Any team would be lucky to have him.

His strategic guidance has proved invaluable and I would happily retain his services addressing a wide swath of issues.