I serve as an expert steering committee liaison to move ventures from vision to execution and sustainable daily operations.


Since 1988, Leo Golba has successfully conceived, designed and implemented multiple business ventures. As a business and development strategist, he helps companies and individuals bring definition and strategy to new and existing business initiatives.

Golba serves as an expert steering committee liaison to move ventures from vision to execution and sustainable daily operations. His unique approach is to join an organization’s leadership team to help assemble the right players and create a solid foundation for optimal results and long-term success. Once a business is on its feet, Golba and his venture partners negotiate a mutually beneficial exit strategy, and Golba moves on to help other business partners rise to success.

Golba’s path to business innovation is unique and proven, as evidenced by many successes with his own companies, others’ companies, and specialized organizations, such as economic development councils. His discipline is rooted in the findings of historic visionaries, and combined with intentional thinking along new and more extraordinary lines. Golba’s Midas touch is seen again and again, showing how inspired thinking leads to exceptional opportunities for today’s businesses.

Those who seek out Leo Golba do so looking for a fresh and positive perspective, because a new and different way of thinking is what he provokes – by removing barriers to innovative thought and breaking down complexities so that new ideas, opportunities and solutions can emerge.